Sunday, December 16, 2012

Failed family photo attempt

We attempted the other day  to do a family picture. It was 14 degrees out but we were willing to brave the cold. We found this sweet little snowy spot. I was so excited. But then we stepped out of the car and all was down hill from there. The first spot that I had set up we ended up not taking any pictures in and then, because of the coldness in the air, we took just a few pictures that weren't at all what I was hoping for. Uly boy had fallen in the snow and wouldn't stop screaming... not crying... screeeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmming. My hands were so cold that I could barely push the button to even take the photo. I've never had my hands hurt that much from the cold, especially that fast. I do have to say that my girls were total champs and had the best little attitudes ever! I was so proud of them. Hubster got them some hot coco too which helped the attitudes stay chipper. Within 15 minutes we packed up shop and headed home. I felt like it was a total bust but I did snap this little shot of my girls right before we walked back to the car...

They are the sweetest of sisters. I always wanted to have a sister so being able to watch my girls grow up and do sisterly things is a gift. I'm so blessed to be their Momma.

Here's the not-so-great-we-can't-fake-that-it's-warmer-then-14 degrees-and-baby-crying photo:

Happy Sunday to you all!
lovelove, abs

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