Friday, December 23, 2011

Colorado Cordova's Day of Fun!

Started the day taking some family pictures outside...

Then we did some crafty Christmas stuff!...

 Glass ornaments, old school patterns from the Goodwill, yarn and wha-la! Super cute little ornaments for the homemaker in you! ;0)
 Girls's painting wooden Christmas decorations...

 Our attempt at getting Ulysses' handprint on a glass ornament! It's harder then it looked!

 We got it though!!! Thank you, Hubby!!
 Here's my baby tree with our little ornaments all complete!
Family Days are THE Best!!!

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  1. Looks like another perfectly great and fabulous day for the Cordova family. We're sure missing you guys this year (actually considering canceling the doughnut feast in memory of you). Have a wonderful Christmas. Love to you all, Linda and David Buettner


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