Thursday, March 15, 2018


The Lord has been speaking and moving and stirring within my soul in so many beautiful ways. I was getting to talk to some of my *amazing* ladies I get the honor and working alongside of everyday and shared how the Lord put specific things on my heart to step into and obey Him in. After hesitating, I moved forward in faith and it was instantly like this release of blessing and clarity. He’s a good good father and sometimes He holds back from the greater blessing until our eyes are fully on Him and we’re truly listening. He’s always blessing but there was a shift in the fullness of that blessing. Just like after Abraham’s obedience with Isaac it says, “In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice” Genesis 22:18
Obedience has powerful consequences and effects to bless generations after us. 
If you are hesitating in an area the Lord is calling you to step out in, go for it! Even if it seems crazy and you look foolish to some, none of that matters in light of eternity.

Are you the girl that...

Are you the girl the feels small in a crowd of others? 
Are you the girl that feels silenced because of your past? 
Are you the girl that doesn't get invited to the girl trips or gatherings? 
Are you the girl that opens up social media and feels like you’ll never be good enough 
because you don’t look like her or your house doesn’t look like 
hers or your clothes don’t look like hers? 
Are you the girl that thinks that goodness, blessing, favor is for other girls but not for you? 
Are you the girl that looks around and thinks you’ll never be as beautiful or as funny or as 
sexy or as skinny or as popular as those around you?

Are you the girl that can’t receive a compliment because all you remember was that hurtful 

comment spoken about you? Are the girl that holds your head down in a crowd because 

shame was put on you in your past? 

I just want to say that I see you and you’re not alone. 

I know what shame and pain and embarrassment and unworthiness and wanting to just hide
 from life because of fear and past experiences feels like. I know what it feels like to be left out. 
I know what it feels like to have people say hurtful things about you. 
I know what it feels like to be broken down to dust and feel completely hopeless. 

But I also know what it feels like to rise out of those ashes and face my greatest fears. 
I know what it feels like to stand on the other side of shame and find value in who 
God made me to be. I know what it feels like to be found worthy and of value because 
I stopped looking for it in the outward or in what others thought and instead found it in 
who God says that I am. I know what it feels like to be brave and do what scares me 
because I know that it was what I was meant to do. God didn’t create us to be victims to 
our lives but to be victorious in our lives. Jesus ROSE from the grave victorious over sin and death. 
He didn’t stay buried in that tomb but rose out of it and showed Himself to be the God of the impossible.
And that same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead lives in us! (romans 8:11)
That is victory living in us.
No matter what your past is, Christ in you can bring you into victory over all of that. 


You no longer have to be the girl that’s shamed or embarrassed or uninvited or intimidated by the world. 
You are valuable and loved and worthy enough to step out into YOUR own life and own it.

Go listen to “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman and shake yo thang and

 step out into your life in the freedom given to you by Jesus Himself!

“I am not a stranger to the dark

Hide away, they say

'Cause we don't want your broken parts

I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars

Run away, they say

No one'll love you as you are
But I won't let them break me down to dust
I know that there's a place for us
For we are glorious
When the sharpest words wanna cut me down
I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out
I am brave, I am bruised
I am who I'm meant to be, this is me
Look out 'cause here I come
And I'm marching on to the beat I drum
I'm not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, this is me”



Friday, March 9, 2018

Uly prays with Max

A little moment captured between brothers this morning... a moment where big brother wanted to make sure that little brother had given his heart to Jesus. “We love you Max and we want you to go to heaven with us... do you want to pray with me and ask Jesus into your heart? Can I help you pray? Can you say this with me?... Jesus, forgive me of my sins and come into my heart. I love You, Jesus. Amen... You did it!”😭
How in the world has the grace and blessing of Jesus poured out this much on me, I don’t know if I’ll never fully know, but I thank the Lord everyday and will forever praise Him for His never ending pursuit of my heart and the hearts of my family. So many times I made such a mess of my life and yet the Lord saw something bigger, something He was creating and it was worth it to Him for me to be saved because He saw the future. He saw THEM. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Saturday snuggles with my boys.
 We were rollin' on oils before heading out as a family. 
The boys found my "unicorn" roller and Max asked, as I was rolling 
it on his toes, if he was gonna turn into a unicorn now. haha. 
Maybe, bud. We'll wait and see! 



Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My girl and her glasses

My sweet second born is feeling pretty good about her first pair of glasses! 
She loves quality time together so we hopped in the van and took off to go for a mama-daughter walk and since she was looking so stinking adorable,  I had to take a few pictures too!  

She's so beautiful and spunky and silly and sweet and just a joy to have in our lives!


Outfit: Cat and Jack from Target
Glasses: Rayban

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Natural Cleaners for the Home

I used to love watching Cinderella as a little girl and would pretend to be her and clean all the things while also making chore charts for my family that nobody followed. haha!
There might be a little bit of Monica Geller in me somewhere.

I've always been interested in natural cleaners but felt intimated for some reason, like "will this really clean" kinda thinking. I've been sold on marketing in all the stores that you need heavy chemicals to really clean and disinfect and yet I always think about how God created everything we could ever need in nature. He's a good good Father and provides for us always. It's not like God was limited and waiting for man to create chemicals and toxins for us to really clean well, right? I also have watched too many "end of the world/zombie" movies (thanks, hubby) and think, "ok so if everything as we know it went away and we had to go back to living off the land, what would we do?" haha! 

And then there was that Newsweek article that said this:  “IMPACT OF CLEANING PRODUCTS ON WOMEN'S LUNGS AS DAMAGING AS 20-A-DAY CIGARETTE HABIT”
That's just crazy!!!

So here's what we do and use as a family in our home. These are tried and true ingredients and all natural. Safe for the whole family, from the littlest to the oldest. They also support our bodies at the same time which is so amazing!

Thieves Household Cleaner 
(1 capful and fill the rest of your glass bottle w/ water)
I literally use this on EVERY surface in my home.

White Vinegar:
Add to dishwasher, laundry, spray bottles, toilets 
Helps with smells and to get whites whiter

Baking Soda:
Add to anywhere that you need an extra scrub! This works SO well! 
Tubs, toilets, counters, sinks and more!

Essential Oils:
Thieves, Purification, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree
Diffuse, add to baking soda when scrubbing, drop in garbage cans, garbage disposal

Castile Soap:
I love using this to make handsoap + dishsoap + dishwasher soap.
You can even make shampoo with it but I prefer to buy mine already made ;0)

Thieves Handsoap (I'm OBSESSED!!!)
Thieves Dish Soap
Thieves Laundry Soap

The Aria Diffuser

That's it!

You can follow along on my Instagram @theoilsmarket  or check out my website

Happy cleaning!!



Thursday, February 22, 2018

home + boys + watermelon

A little afternoon at home with my boys...

Just living' their best life! haha! 
Loveeee my boys!!!